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The increasing power of the internet, the rapid adoption of online banking facilities and radical changes in electronic commerce methods all point towards a demand for companies to become more efficient in the use of  modern technology and to make use of the wide range of products and services available across the internet.

Modern trends clearly indicate that very soon all companies, irrespective of size or industry type, will be required by law to electronically manage various payroll and human resources related functions. This is as a direct result of the growing complexity of tax and labour laws and the potential cost to the employer for non-compliance to these laws. Coupled with the fact that most statutory bodies, such as SARS, UIF etc, and various other statutory bodies, are rapidly moving towards the acceptance of statistical returns and fees via the Internet, it makes sense to process payroll and HR activities over the internet.

In response, PSIber has designed and developed a powerful suite of products and modules which not only complies with the latest legislative requirements, but has also proven to be the benchmark for future developments in the world of Internet based Package Structuring for payroll and HR Management.



PSIberPAY delivers a truly unique payroll system which companies from all industries and of all sizes, as well as individuals can use. PSIberPAY has been designed in a way that is logical, intuitive and extremely easy to use. More...



PSIberHRM puts your people first. This online HR management tool scales as your business grows and is built to centralise all your HR, Talent Management, Recruitment and Performance functions and gives you the power to run a best practice business operation, cost effectively. More...



A powerful recording and reporting facility that manages employee information from Recruitment to Retirement. More...



A user friendly online access facility that enables employees and managers to view and manage their own or their subordinates information, apply for leave and loans, approve leave and loans and any other request, and to perform many other day to day administrative activities, online from their PC’s. More...



PSIberLite is a versatile online payroll service designed with small businesses and domestic employers in mind. PSIberLite was developed by the pioneers of online payroll / HR systems in South Africa, PSIber. More...



PSIberASSIST gives you handy tools you can utilise in your daily business operations including calculators, business documents and expense recorder. More...

Key PSIberPAY features include:

  • Security

    System and management users are established according to roles, modules, functions, screens, fields and levels of employees they can access. All data is fully audited and email / SMS notifications, with escalations, can be set up to highlight when sensitive information is updated e.g. when an employee bank details, salary, job, etc. are changed.
  • Flexibility

    The system makes use of standard rules as well as user defined formulas. This enables users to create any calculation within the payroll parameters / rules using “if”, “then”, “else” type scenarios. Unlimited User Defined fields can also be created and used in payroll calculations
  • Reporting

    There are over 350 standard reports in the system. These reports can be modified and saved to specific user profiles. All data can be exported in various formats to other products for further reporting, manipulation, graphics, etc. Further, a very powerful Report Wizard is available for users to create unlimited and totally customisable reports.
  • Data Imports

    Every screen in the system has an import facility to enable users to import data from virtually anywhere. All data imported is audited according to company rules. Similarly, any data held within the system can be exported to most third party products for further manipulation.
  • Screen Concepts and Functions

    All screens in the system have the ability to add documents, scanned images, etc. at screen or employee level e.g. photos, sick notes, certificates, etc. The system also has many forms, help panels, online policies & procedures, etc. that can be attached to screens to make the system that much easier to maintain by system users irrespective of their skill levels.
  • System Auditing

    The entire system is monitored by a powerful auditing facility. All data changes, movement around system and functions selected are logged and available for detailed or summarized user defined reporting. All “before” and “after” images are kept within the system for reporting purposes. The auditing facility also includes a Tax Trace which is very useful when dealing with tax queries as the entire tax calculation is detailed step by step to help users identify how each earning/deduction is calculated and taxed. In addition to the usual auditing facilities there is an emailing mechanism which can be set up to deal with immediate notification when sensitive data fields are changed (e.g. banking details, pay elements, etc.).
  • Integration

    All modules within the application are totally integrated. This means that there is only one data base (i.e. source of data) which contains data for each employee and / or data related to the company. This data is used throughout the system and can be updated / viewed from any module, as long as the appropriate access levels are available to the user.
  • Third party interfacing

    The system has standard interfaces to all the popular import layouts required by the major banks, EFT admin service providers as well as a standard feature to create and consolidate any elements of financial data for importing into General Ledger systems. The system has a customizable GL extract facility as well as standard layouts for twenty of the most widely used GL packages available e.g. SAP, Pastel, Oracle, Syspro etc. Data can also be extracted in various ways to allow for virtually any other third party interface.
  • Workflow

    The system includes a powerful workflow engine which enables users to create specific approval and escalation procedures to deal with the management of most HR / payroll functions that occur within a typical organisation. Workflow templates can be established for items such as recruitment requisitions, engagements and employee take-on’s, discharging an employee, applicant management, leave applications, disciplinary processes, and many more.
  • Updates and Statutory Compliance

    The PSIberWORKS suite is regularly updated to cater for the growing and changing needs of our client base. The system is also continuously reviewed and enhanced to ensure regulatory compliance, and that the system meets the most up to date requirements in terms of tax and labour legislation.

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